“It” represents an unconscious thing, perhaps a number, which you are not. But unfortunately, your credit does come down to a number that determines your access to the basic necessities in life: a home, job, utilities,¬†healthcare, or education.


Credit reporting makes it easy for landlords, employers, and other key holders to reject people without seeing them as the complex people that they are. Not only is credit reporting inaccurate due to frequently inaccurate information, but they are misused as a way to prove a person’s integrity when they only reflect a selection of financial transactions. This type of objectification has leeched into most people’s sense of self, diminishing the value of a person to a spectrum of “good, fair or poor”.

CRED reports include qualitative information about a person, including their personal history as it ebbs and flows with their payments, their work, their health, their community, and the political and social conditions they experience. We believe that we can make credit reporting into something beautiful and expansive despite the heavy looting done by algorithms, discrimination, and dehumanization.

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