GIVE ME CRED is a project begun by Cassie Thornton, supported by the Feminist Economics Department (the FED).

Thornton is an artist and a member of Strike Debt. She lives and works in Oakland, CA. A security guard, activist, writer, and politically invested artist, her credit is not very good on paper. In order to ensure a future where one’s integrity outshines her negative credit score number, Thornton has taken a stab at designing an alternative. The reports generated in this phase of the project are unique and can be used to prove to a landlord, employer or other person that you are a complex person with a story that is far too complex to be represented numerically.

This is currently an art project, so it remains in the realm of symbolism. We hope that in reading or participating in this, you realize that your CRED is not based on a pdf, and there are more important forms of being than a that of a good consumer. Please do not be fooled into living a life that holds good credit as a primary goal.

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